Our mission:

Balance Chiropractic and Active Therapy locationBalance Chiropractic and Active Therapy recognizes that balance is a constant shifting and changing paradigm and is not a static condition. Health is a journey and a process and every person’s health care needs are different. For that matter, the same person’s health care needs may be different at different times in their lives. We want you to feel that we are a partner in that journey. Some patients want to “fix it now” to get back into the race, or back to work, while some patients want to address more long term chronic conditions. Each patient we have the privilege to serve is entitled to, and will receive, the best possible care we can provide. Together we will work as a team toward the improvement and maintenance of your individual health needs. We honor your goals and will work to provide the quality care you deserve and support the changes you want to make to achieve your optimal health.


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