What is Active therapy

Understanding pain and injury come from faulty activity, inactivity, and/or de-conditioning.  When we abandon or forget our basic need for normal movement we lose strength and function.  Reconnecting with the active part of our life returns us to “Balance.”

What to Expect

Initial Visit: A patient’s first visit is around 40 minutes and includes, but is not limited to: a thorough orthopedic evaluation, movement screen, use of biomechanical software, HEP (home education plan), and the development of short and long term goals based on the patients needs and desires.
Follow-up Visits: The proceeding visits will be divided up into a warm-up period, soft tissue or joint manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and home education questions/updates.  These visits will be between 20-40 minutes.
What to wear:
Please bring appropriate attire.  Patients may be asked to remove their top for treatment of shoulder, neck or back.  Patients may need to wear shorts for lower body evaluation and treatment.  Please plan to dress appropriately.  Bringing athletic footwear is advisable.  There is a bathroom in our office for patients to change.

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